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  • 14 Feb 2020
  • 9:00 AM
  • 15 Feb 2020
  • 4:00 PM
  • The Joe
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The 2-day workshop will focus on using watercolor in a more fluid and free manner to enhance the beauty and impact of your paintings. Demonstrations, effective techniques, color mixing and placement, and composition will be featured. Participants will have the chance to complete at least two paintings during the workshop. 

Instuctor: Virginia (Ginny) Fergus

Skill Level:  Beginner or above

Minimum 5 - Maximum 15 attendees


Watercolor Supply List

www.jerrysartarama.com, www.cheapjoes.com  & www.dickblick.com  are  good sites for ordering supplies.

PAINT:  I recommend Winsor & Newton Professional Water Color Tubes. These come in small 5 ml, medium 14ml, and for some colors, extra-large 37ml sizes.  

I also use Holbein, Old Holland, & Sennelier, and always artist grade.

If you have or prefer another brand, or slightly different colors, please feel free to use and/or add to what you have.  


The colors below are my main palette of colors. I use them all, plus others that strike my fancy. The ones with an asterisk in bold are necessary, or choose close substitutions. The others will be very nice to have, but you can do with out. If you have a buddy coming to the workshop, feel free to share tubes of colors you may be unsure of using again. Small size tubes will be more than adequate for the workshop, but larger size tubes are more economical if you paint a lot beyond the workshop.

    *French Ultramarine Blue

            *Cobalt Blue

            *Cerulean Blue

            *Manganese Blue Hue  

             Cobalt Turquoise Light 

            *Hooker’s Green

            *Permanent Sap Green

            *Cobalt Green

             *Veronese Green or Emerald Green (Sennelier)


             Green Gold

            Quinacridone Gold


             Cadmium Lemon

           *Cadmium Yellow Deep

           *Naples Yellow

           *Scarlet Lake

           *Permanent Alizarin Crimson

             Opera Rose

           *Cobalt Violet

           *Venetian Red

            Burnt Umber


I recommend Arches or Arches Bright White paper, 140lb. It is the most forgiving paper.

Please bring one or two full sheets of paper, and then any other form of paper you like such as a cold pressed watercolor block, 12” x 16” size.

I also use Lana and Fabriano, always 100% cotton paper, so if there is a paper you know and love, please feel free to use it. 

Bad or cheap paper is the biggest killer of a watercolor painting, so don't scrimp on this!


White Plastic or Metal Folding Watercolor Palette With Enough Wells for Your Colors and a Large Mixing Area


Make sure you get Watercolor Brushes (short handles) as opposed to oil painting brushes!

A #10 or #12 and a #6 Round that come to a good point and spring back after being wet.

Sable is best and pricey, synthetic and natural/synthetic blends are fine. 

Isabey and Raphael are my brand choices and I use sable. 


Plastic Cup such as a large yogurt container

Pencils and Gum Eraser (the kind that crumbles as you use it)


Paper Towels and/or white rags from old t-shirt or dish towel

Pen and Notebook or small Sketch Pad if you are a note taker or sketcher

Backing Board several inches larger all around than your watercolor paper - foam core board or gator board is best

Roll of High Quality One Inch Masking Tape

Plastic Sleeve 8 1/2” x 11”

Black Fine Sharpie Marker 

A selection of your own photographs - printed out on paper or photographic paper - for painting references. Please bring at least 12 choices. Part of the workshop will involve selecting the best references for paintings, so please spend some time with your selection and bring photos that appeal to you, limiting your choices to landscape, seascape, cityscape, interior scenes, still life. Please no pets or animals, people as portraits, or other people’s images.

CAMERA, or PHONE with camera, or iPad for taking notes, recording paintings and painting progress, and for photo images for future paintings.

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The Joe Center for the Arts is a Florida non-profit organization.

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