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Image of Students talking in an Art Gallery

The Joe Center for the Arts like to provide opportunities for students as they move toward their future artistic goals by providing an opportunity to display their artwork via a virtual gallery setting. We also seek to engage youth and teens in the arts by working with local community art educators to highlight students creative work throughout the school year. 


During the summer several Wewahitchka High School students wanted to spend some extra time focusing on their interest in art. All 3 of these students have expressed interest in continuing their pursuit of art as a career. Madison Nelson and Katelynn Book were entering their senior year in high school and Arianna Myers would be in the 9th grade during the upcoming school year.  Stuart Vines, their art teacher, did some research and found exactly the kind of summer camp that would suit their needs and interests. 

Florida State University’s Department of Art Education hosted 120 young people from ages eight through 17 at their one-week (2 session), Summer Art Workshop program. The students from Wewahitchka attended during the week of June 13-17. The program’s mission was to facilitate K-12 kids’ engagement in independent, inquiry-driven art making. The classes were taught by the FSU graduate students of this department. “We don’t think kids should have to wait for art class to be creative and express themselves,” said Sara Scott Shields, Chair of the Department of Art Education and Director of the camp. “These workshops invite young people, from elementary to high school, to explore their ideas and stretch outward through art.” The theme of this year’s camp was “Inside, Outside,” and the daily activities encouraged exploration and taking the kids outside of their comfort zones. The campers created collages, clay sculptures, observational drawings, cyanotypes, chainmail jewelry and more.

Mr. Vines drove them over to Tallahassee every day and it took real commitment for these students to meet at the van every morning at 5:00 am, we had perfect attendance. The program was a similar time format to a school day so a great deal of concentrated instruction took place in a week’s time. Comments were very positive from the students and they seemed to learn new techniques and concepts while also having a good time.


Wewahitchka High School



Wewahitchka High School




Wewahitchka High School



Port St. Joe High School



How did you get interested in art?

 ​In 8th grade my little charter school finally got an actual art teacher and she is the one that really brought it out of me.

Is this a hobby or a career goal? If it is a career goal, what are your future plans? ​Art is just a fun hobby I use to create and destress.

What word of advice or encouragement would you give a fellow artist?​ Don't worry about trying to be perfect, do what feels right and make mistakes.

Who’s your favorite artist and why? ​My favorite artist is Leonid Afremov, because of all the beautiful colors he used and the whimsical, dreamlike feel of his paintings.


2022 Port St. Joe High School Senior


How did you get interested in art?

I was always interested in art as a child, but my biggest inspiration was my older sister, Ashley. I admired her throughout college, where she studied illustration, and she encouraged me to continue improving. With her help I learned new techniques, new mediums, and was excited to grow as an artist.

Is this a hobby or a career goal? If it is a career goal, what are your future plans?

I plan to pursue art as a career in the future. After studying fine art in college, I hope to find a career as a freelance illustrator, creative director, storyboard artist, or an entrepreneur. 

What word of advice or encouragement would you give a fellow artist?

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Personally, I would try something different once, would not succeed, then get discouraged and give up. Getting good at something takes time and practice, so continue to work and improve. Practice makes improvement!

Who’s your favorite artist and why? 

Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite artists of all time. I love his use of patterns and colors, like his signature gold paint. I mostly create portraits of women, and his portraits of beautiful women are a huge inspiration to me.

Image 1: “Kintsugi Self Portrait” Oil Paint  Image 2: Seafood Image 3: Rocker Girl Digital Image Image 4: “Day at Plein Air” Watercolor Image 5: “Smells of Comfort” yarn 

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